A Message from the New Director of Senior Repertory Theatre, Tim Hackney

To the Seacoast Rep Community,

My wife and I lived in New York City for nine years. We had recently moved to New Hampshire to start a family, but I wasn’t sure how to continue my artistic life in this new place. I came to the Seacoast Repertory Theatre last year as an actor in A Wonderful Life to make friends in a new community. I have been rewarded for that experience every day since. I have spent the last year in the company of some of the most genuine, inspiring wonderful people I have ever met. I was given an artistic home.

In the mission of the theatre, we state, “Theatre is about telling stories. Specifically, making theatre, for us, is about taking the raw text that might contain a story and turning it into a living, breathing thing with a beating heart with as much love, care, and talent that you can pour into it. When this is done right, everyone who takes part in it is transformed for the better. We call it a “shared experience”. This is what our mission calls for.”

Stories are how we communicate, and Seacoast Rep has become an incredibly important venue to share them. It is my hope that we can successfully create a Senior Repertory Theatre that can feel exactly as I have felt over the past year. A place where we can hear each other’s stories, a place where we can laugh and be together, a place where we can talk, challenge ourselves and grow. Above all else, I look forward to creating a home for the elders of our community,where not only what they say is valued, but cherished. A place where our community of all ages can come together to support our seniors, still taking risks, having laughs, and putting the rest of us to shame as they live life to the fullest.

Seacoast Rep, Kathleen, Brian, Miles, the Board and this wonderful community have given me wonderful, life changing opportunities over the past year. I am honored to have the opportunity to give back. I look forward to getting to work and having some fun in the process.


Tim Hackney