Stranger Than Fiction Improv and Comedy


Get ready for a night of laughter and the unknown with Stranger Than Fiction as they bring you Tuesday Night Improv! Stranger Than Fiction is the premiere improvisational comedy troupe for the Granite State. Every year they strive to provide audiences with shows that rival improv clubs around the world. Their cast is a diverse collection of talented actors and comedians, united by the shared passion to make the world a funnier place. With improv, every show is new and no show is ever the same. They use your audience suggestions to make completely original scenes in real time. No script, just the power of improvisation. So join us and see what the best improv troupe in NH can do!


2018 Event Dates:

January 23– Tuesday Night Improv
February 20– Geek Gauntlet
April 10– Narrative Night
May 15– Once Upon a Musical
September 18- Hades in a Handbasket
October 23- Night of the Living Dead Improvised
November 6- Giving Her All She’s Got
December 3 and 4- Christmas at Hogwarts

Up Next: Hades in a Handbasket!

September 18 | 8pm

Improv in togas! Very few plays survive from Ancient Greece, the birthplace of drama. Stranger Than Fiction will invent a brand new Greek play inspired by the audience, and yes- we will be wearing togas. Join us for an evening of improv theatre, comedy, and the gods! It’s Hades in a Handbasket, let’s make history together!

Improv is theatre created live on the spot, with the help of audience suggestion. Think Whose Line is It Anyway– only YOU get to help create the show. Throughout the performance, the audience is asked to provide input making the results of our scenes unexpected and positively hilarious! Due to this unrepeatable magic, no two shows are ever alike!