The Red Light Masquerade

October 5th, 8pm.
3S Artspace

You are invited to The Masquerade

On October 5th, 2018 at 8pm or thereabouts, the time traveling artists of the Red Light and Mad Haus persuasion will be hosting a soiree with artists, storytellers, bon vivants, time travelers, and dangerous and interesting folk of all stripes, all reveling in relative anonymity to raise funds for our Red Light Performances and the artists who bring them forward.

We thought a change of scenery might be nice, so we have partnered with 3S Artspace, and will transform it for your masquerading pleasure.

In the tradition of our order, there will be some disorder. This will not be an ordinary event, being both from us and so close to Halloween. You can expect dancing and a live dj of course. There will be a bar. We are not animals. You can also expect performance from your time traveling favorites, live art, and some special immersive ingredients, all brought forward by our multidisciplinary troupe of strange and talented folk. You’re encouraged to mill around and experience it all.

Our VIPs will get some special performances all to themselves,There will be some light catering, and opportunities to find more quiet spaces in the VIP area.

It doesn’t matter what you’re masquerading as – we all masquerade as things from time to time. Maybe when you go to work you pretend to be normal. Maybe when you date you pretend to like pho, when secretly you think pho is average at best. You can keep up the facade if you want for the event, or put up a new one. In any case, formal attire or costume is required. No need to get too fussy, unless you are a particular sort. In that case, there is no limit.

Please be on your best behavior.

We hope to see you there.