Jamie Bradley's Homegrown Series



Jamie Bradley’s Homegrown Series shifts the focus to the playwright. A project where local writers can showcase their work to a broad audience in a professional setting. A fully produced play with a cast of local professional actors, and directed by Seacoast Repertory Theatre’s Associate Artistic Producer, Jamie Bradley, the Homegrown Series is the bridge from workshop production to published play. The Homegrown Series has an “independant film” feel to it. Actors and designers from all over New England help give legitimacy to the piece by lending their talent and passion to the project. Local theatre professionals come together to bring you a play you’ve never heard of that will instantly become one of your favorites. The Homegrown Series doesn’t just to bring you the next Neil Simon or David Mamet, but shows you they’re living right next door.


November 1-11

The causeway’s flooded and (of course) the local sheriff is stranded on the mainland. Naturally on a turbulent night like this, the phones are down and who would ever expect cell phones to work in this remote part of the state? Does it sound like a good night for a roaring fire and a dinner party with a lot of laughs from a boisterous, tipsy actress? Does it sound like a good night for a murder – or two? While there is ample humor supplied by actress Susan, who drinks just a little too much; and Nate, who’s a tad slow even by down-east Maine standards – people are dying and the party really isn’t funny anymore.


Past Productions: 


As Time Goes By
November 2 – 12, 2017


Background Check
May 26 – June 15, 2016