Private Voice Lessons with Katie Gall

Seacoast Rep | Studio Hours: Saturdays, 11am-4pm

Learning how to use your voice correctly is key in succeeding in the Performing Arts.  In your private voice lessons, you will work on reading music, learn how to choose a piece to perform or audition with, work on vocal technique and connecting that technique with the rest of your body, and most importantly you will learn about vocal health and how to make singing a sustainable exercise. For more information, please email

3 Week Starter pack for Ages 8-12 (New Students only) | $112.50
3 Week Starter pack for Teens (New Students only) | $225
6 Week Session for Ages 8-12 (30 Minute Lessons) | $225
6 Week Session for Ages 8-12 (One Hour Lessons)| $450

Private Audition and Monologue Coaching with Monique Foote

Afternoon, Evening, and Weekend Openings | $60 per hour session

Would you like help preparing for an important audition or callback? Do you want to improve your audition skills? Would you love to study with a professional actor and instructor? Seacoast Rep offers private coaching for all ages. We specialize in preparing young performers for their auditions. We have an excellent relationship with all Seacoast theaters which means that we know what they want to see and hear from you! We will help you strengthen your skills while developing the talents that will make you stand out in the audition room. We offer classes in Vocal Technique, Monologue Performance, Coaching on Audition/Callback material, and College Audition Preparation.

For more information or to sign up for coaching sessions, please email