The Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts  is pleased to offer Winter and Spring Vacation Camps, Summer Day and Overnight Camps, and Summer Teen Intensives.

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“I have been a part of the PAPA program since I was 5 years old, and it’s always been such a special place for me. Participating in Day Camp, Overnight Camp, and PAPA Mainstage I have met some of my best friends and learned so much about myself. The Rep creates a wonderful, nurturing environment for kids and adults alike, allowing everyone to learn, grow, and feel accepted. The performer and person I am today reflects my time in the PAPA program. As I head to college in the fall, I am very thankful for the opportunities and love The Rep has given me. ”
-Mary Jardine

“My son started attending PAPA Overnight Camp at the age of 10, and he credits this as one of the most positive influential experiences of his life so far. This program, both Overnight Camp and the various other day camps and workshop productions offered by PAPA, help to develop engaged, kind, and empathetic young people.”
-Linette Miles

“After my son’s first summer camp session at the Seacoast Repertory Theater, he immediately fell in love with acting, music and the arts in general. He became consumed with learning to play an instrument, singing, and writing plays on his own at home. I credit this to the wonderful people that work with the kids. They are encouraging and wonderful at helping the kids find their inner talent. Their love of theater is infectious and the kids are immediately drawn into their passion.”
-Leigh Cavanaugh