November 29th – December 23rd

Auditions: September 29th

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December 8-16th

Auditions: October 29th

Open to ages 6-16

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Saving Santa

December 8-16th

Written and Directed by Miles Burns

Auditions: Monday, October 29th from 4:00-5:30
Rehearsals Begin: Tuesday, November 6th
Rehearses: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6pm, and Saturdays from 10am-12pm

Open to ages 6-16. There is a $125 production fee to participate in Youth Workshop Productions. Scholarships are available on a need-based basis.

Do you hear that? The jingle jangle of Santa’s Christmas Bells? You don’t, do you? That’s because Santa Claus is missing! He never made it back to North Pole after his Christmas ride… the elves don’t know what to do! Well, they do know one thing they have to do: save Santa Claus and bring him “ho-ho-home!”


Rehearsals generally take place Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6pm, and Saturdays from 10am-12pm.  During Tech Week (the week before the show) rehearsals will be every day from 3:30-6pm. There is a Brush Up Rehearsal scheduled from 4-6pm the Friday between show weekends.

We ask that your students prepare part of a song to sing acapella (no music) and a short poem or monologue to recite (something that shows character).

It is also very helpful to bring a headshot and resume with you to the audition (It’s okay if there aren’t that many things on the resume!)  The resume should have your student’s name, contact information, and shows they have been in with the roles they have played.

The audition location is at The Seacoast Repertory Theatre (125 Bow St, Portsmouth, NH) unless otherwise noted. The auditions are by appointment and last 5 minutes.  Your students will audition in front of the Director, Assistant Director, and Stage Manager.  We try to keep the auditions relaxed and as stress free as possible!

Please make sure to bring any conflicts you may have within the rehearsal period.

If you have any other questions, please contact our PAPA Production Manager, Kristen, at

Santa Clause – Forgetful and lovable.
Mrs. Clause – Though frustrated by her husband’s forgetfulness, she really loves him.
Crosby The Snowman – A singing, sauntering snowman.
The Little Drummer Boy
Christmas Spirit – Snobby, a know-it-all, but very festive.
Suzy Bumpy – She has a little but of attitude but a whole lot of heart.
Giggly Foot – Head Elf and Santa’s right hand man.
Wiggly Toe – Apprentice to Giggly Foot.
Sprinkle Magurdy – The Elf Workshop Foreman, no nonsense manager of Santa’s Elves.
Zippery Shimsham – Reindeer Hospitality Specialist.
Flopsy –  A clumsy Elf.
Hoppy – A peppy, exuberant Elf.
Kixie Dust –  She loves her coffee.
Bob the Reindeer – One of Santa’s Substitute Reindeer, flying in Cupid’s place. Santa’s only hope, with a troubled past.
Dasher – He is thinking of retirement.
Dancer – Always making up new dances.
Prancer- Delicate and dainty, particular about his prancing.
Vixen – A sly reindeer.
Comet – Always amped up and jazzed.
Cupid – On a date.
Donder – A jokester.
Blitzen – Fun loving, but short tempered.
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Dasher’ forgotten and ridiculed son.
Paulie-Anne Smucker – She runs her town’s animal shelter and volunteers for election season.
Beth Whitley – She helps the homeless in her spare time as well as doing over two hundred hours a week of various community service activities.
Mazie Jane – A shy but intelligent girl, good kid. She is saving up her allowance to buy as many apples as she can so she can distribute them to the homeless community.
Bobby Smith – He shovels every driveway in his neighborhood and refuses to accept any money for it. He’s never lied- never cheated and never said an unkind word to anybody.
Richie Stonebottom the Third – Terribly awful, spoiled snob, from the U.K. He hates Santa Claus more than anyone.
Misty Decker – She is very spoiled, and has a lisp.
Kiki Moss – She was expelled from school for being really bad.
Chandra Deluxe – Obsessed with technology and botox, from L.A.
Diane Ditcherson – Nasty and mean, from Alabama. She set a record for cow tipping in her county and spent time in a juvenile delinquency center.
Hillary Clinton – President of the United States. All she wants is her Nook Five-Thousand.
Bill Clinton – The coolest dude around.
Camera Man
Cue Card Girl
Richie Stonebottom the Second
Sad Girls On Christmas