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Magical Mystery Mad Haus!

MAD HAUS : A Performance Portmanteau as Conceptualized by the Mad Men of Oopsy Daisy Inc

Halloween || 9:30pm after the parade

Welly welly well, Halloween is coming. Naturally, our Mad Haus tribe will be performing that night after the parade with a multi-media, puppet-fueled, spooky song and dance extravaganza that you’ve come to expect from Mad Haus. However, since there is the small matter of the parade, we’re all going to work around it.





Join us for a pre-parade party around full of drinks and fun. Come parade time at 7pm we’ll trek out onto our curb, conveniently located along the parade route, to watch the parade. After that, we’ll come back into the theatre for a Mad Haus show for 9:30.

Don’t know what Mad Haus is all about? Think of it as a celebration of art at the end of everything. Mad Haus is a tribe of musicians and artists of every stripe doing whatever the hell they want. You’ll see live music performed by a live band (well you’ll hear it), accompanied by dance, performance, vaudeville, drag, cirque, puppetry, shadow work, and a bevvy of generally weird and cool things and characters that will leave you lost in time and space.

This particular unfolding is, of course, Halloween themed. More than ever, costumes are encouraged. We wouldn’t want to make the ghosts mad.

Pre-show is free and open to the public. Mad Haus is a ticketed event. Tickets are $15 or pay-what-you-will at the door.

Mad Haus contains some sexual content and violence, so unless you are allowed to see rated R movies you may want to leave this one for mommy and daddy.