Mad Haus

MAD HAUS : A Performance Portmanteau as Conceptualized by the Mad Men of Oopsy Daisy Inc – Hallow’s Hollow

Join us on All Hallows Eve for a night Mad Haus was built for

October 31 || 9:30pm After the Portsmouth Halloween Parade

Trick or Treat was always a false choice. You will have both. Halloween is here again. Naturally, our Mad Haus tribe will be performing that night after the Portsmouth Halloween Parade with a multi-media, blood-soaked song and dance extravaganza. However, since there is the small matter of the parade, we’re all going to work around it and start right after.

We will, of course, open the lobby early for anyone who would like to fortify their nerves. We’ll open up around the time the parade is due to start. The parade no longer passes by us – perhaps we were too intimidating – but it will be nearby. When the parade concludes everybody will come inside and we’ll start the show.

You probably have questions. “What is Mad Haus?” for example.  Mad Haus is the next in a theatrical series from the minds of the The Mad Men of Oopsy Daisy Inc! Ben Hart & Brandon James, the creative team behind the Seacoasts’ recent theatrical smash hits: Tommy, Avenue Q, and Xanadu. It’s more than that though. Mad Haus is a story that’s both important and not important at all. It’s a party in the corpse of Vaudeville. It’s a celebration at the seams of time and space. Mad Haus is you too, if you join us inside it. What can you expect? A performance like you’ve never seen.  Halloween is the perfect time to try. It’s a variety at the end of the world with a live band and a mad tribe filled with multidisciplinary artists allowed to run amok.

We always recommend you come in costume, but especially this time. Mad Haus contains some sexual content and violence, so unless you are allowed to see rated R movies you may want to leave this one for mommy and daddy.

Mark the Bartender will be serving up his specialty potions and cocktails at the Seacoast Rep’s full bar throughout the evening, and we invite you to stay and dance on our stage once the performers have completed their floor show.

The address is 125 Bow Street. Tickets are $15 or pay what you can at the door. Can’t afford to play? Come anyway. Bring a pal! Blessed to have a little extra this week? Toss a bit more in at the door in honor of those who can’t.

Mad Haus is a production of Seacoast Rep’s Red Light Series.

Proudly Sponsored by Portsmouth Gas Light: