• The Wizard of OZ

    Dec. 5th - Dec. 28th 2014
  • Dorks In Dungeons

    Nov. 16th 7:00 pm
  • Stranger Than Fiction Benefit Show

    Fri. Nov. 14th 8PM
  • Geek Cred

    Sat. Nov. 15th 7:00PM
  • Run, Turkey, Run!

    Nov. 15, 16 & 22, 23
  • Enlighten

    Through the shared experience of live theatre
  • Mysterious Subtext Theatre 2K14 Presents Attack From Space

    Fri. Nov. 14th MIDNIGHT
  • Rudolfoletto

    Dec. 13, 14, & 20, 21
  • Let's "B" Reel Presents:

    The Neverending Story with Special Guest Tami Stronach (The Childlike Empress) Dec. 10th 7:30PM
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Run, Turkey, Run!


Nov. 15, 16, and 22, 23

Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00AM

Join us for the best little Thanksgiving musical of all time! Based on the childrens book by Diane Mayr, with original songs by Miles Burns and Directed by Taryn Herman, "Run, Turke,y Run" is a hoot and a half! Follow Mr. Turkey as he tries to escape the inevitable fate that all turkeys must face...Thanks giving! 

Featuring Adult and Youth performers, this hilarious musical will be a welcomed addition for the whole family this holiday. 

Tickets are only $8-10 and may be purchased online by clicking "BUY NOW", or by calling our Box Office at 603.433.4472 Tue-Sun 12pm-6pm, or by visiting us at 125 Bow Street Portsmouth, NH. 

Don't let this hilarious Thanksgiving musical RUN away...



Keep The Rep Going!


This is Urgent

A lot has happened at the Rep over the past year, and we're happy to tell you about it, but here's the long and short of it: We need your help and we need it now!  The Rep doesn't have the funds it needs to mount its next show, The Wizard of Oz. If we don't mount the next show, this may be it for the Rep. While we have a solid plan to turn around a 20 year old problem, getting started on that all hinges on this show. We have very little time, which is why this campaign is so short. If ever we've needed your help, it's now, because if there is no next show there may be no more Seacoast Rep. 


The Good

We're still that same theater that's been putting on great, award-winning, professional shows for over 25 years, and we've accumulated a lot of friends. We’re actively searching for experienced management, we have new, can-do board members, a loyal staff, a small army of volunteers--and all of you. 


We have a plan to get the Rep back on track; a plan that will make sure we never get here again; a plan that will let us rely less on charity and more on revenue generated from doing what we do best: shows. We know we can do it, but it all hinges on this show going up and us getting a start on a firmer financial footing.


You probably want to know a little more about that plan.  Here are the basics:


Our new Board has put together a working budget that allows for funds to go into a reserve instead of working at a deficit, with the help of an aggressive fundraising appeal.  In the short term we have been funded by a generous donor to create an Executive Director position if we succeed with our fundraising efforts.  We will work toward never letting our theater go dark. Programming will run continuously.  We will extend the runs of popular shows if appropriate, and we are looking to work more closely with our community to ensure that the Rep is a space that always has something interesting going on.  We're even working on getting our first paid internship program together.  Phase one is getting revenue coming in as soon as possible. 


The Bad

A lot of bad things have happened, much of it the accumulated effects of 20 or so years of a business model that was not easily sustainable.  Our Executive Director position has gone unfilled for many years, and as you may have read, our Artistic Director recently resigned. Though we've got a lot of capable friends currently filling that void, that’s not a sustainable model and we’re beginning the process to get new, experienced leadership in place. Staff-wise we're also short. There used to be twelve of us. Now there are six of the hardest working people you will ever meet.


We have consistently been able to continue producing top shelf entertainment, but as you hear in every curtain speech something to the effect of "If we sold out every single seat for the run of the show we would only make 67% of what we need to run the theatre."  We would rely on you to fill the rest in with contributions, memberships, etc.  This model has never worked reliably, unfortunately, and, to be blunt, we’ve done a poor job over the years of fundraising.  Our coffers are  empty, and we don't have enough yet to secure the rights to the next show. If we don't put up the next show, we can't keep the theater going.  We've looked at it from every angle. It's exactly that simple. 

What We Need & What You Get

In the short term, we need $50,000 and we will be launching a more extensive campaign shortly to raise another $150-200K. Some of this $50K will go to getting the show up and running to the standards you’ve come to expect with shows at the Rep.  The rest will be used to ensure the run is a huge success as our longer term appeal gets underway. 


The Rep and some generous friends have assembled some excellent rewards in exchange for your donations.  Businesses have come out in huge support and have offered up products, services, and gift certificates.  We can't thank them enough!


In fact people were so generous that we have to list all of them in two different places. Some are here. Some are on our Facebook page if you click the shop button near the top of the page. We will apply everything bought in both places to our capital campaign. Every little bit helps.


Every. Little. Bit. Helps.


The Impact

If we successfully fund this campaign, we'll be able to put on Oz and start implementing our plan full-force. This will not be our last campaign. Even when this campaign gets funded, The Rep has some hard days ahead as we work through our transition and implement our plan. You can be confident, however, that your contribution here and now will help save us, and will ensure that we can move confidently into the future.


The time is now, friends. If you've enjoyed our shows, if you've been in those shows, if you've had kids go through our camps, if your friends work here, if you love art and want Portsmouth to continue to be the hotbed of culture that it is, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE. 


Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't make a monetary contribution, but you still want to help, you can.  we want you to:


Spread the word to everyone, EVERYONE. Our timeline is short.

We are still collecting rewards to offer up.  Have one to donate?  Yes, please do!

We'll need volunteers. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We always need lumber, office supplies (especially paper and ink), and a bevvy of other things. Contact us for more information.

Welcoming New Members

We are accepting new members all the time. Want to find out more about being a Member of the Seacoast Rep community?

Learn More