The Seacoast Repertory Theatre offers youth classes in theatre education for children aged 4-18. Our new spring session begins April 8th! Sign up today!

PAPA Camps

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PAPA Day Camp



The Rep’s PAPA Day Camp is designed to introduce, identify and strengthen each participant’s performance skills, self-confidence, creativity, and ability to work with others. Using song, dance, improvisation, theater games and scene study, performers take part in hands-on training in live theater production. Each 2-week session culminates in a fully-staged theatrical performance open to the public. Campers walk to Prescott Park every day to enjoy lunch (weather permitting) as well as play games outside in the sun!

Camp Hours:

Monday-Friday 9am – 4pm; Early drop off 8am (+$50)  with performances on the second weekend (Saturday and Sunday) at 10am

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2017 Camp Shows and Dates:


Session I: The Tortoise and the Hare

An Original Musical by Miles Burns

June 26 – July 7th (no camp July 4th)-  Performances on Saturday July 8th and Sunday July 9th @ 10am

We all know the story and the great debate it stirs… Does slow and steady win the race? A singular race perhaps not, but what about the “big race”?  Join Hare and Tortoise on a life encapsulating adventure about the choices we make and the places those choices take us- Who will win the race called Life?



Session II: King Midas… In Space!

An Original Musical by Zoe Sprankle

July 10th- July 21st- Performances on Saturday July 22nd and Sunday July 23rd @ 10am

In 2098 all human life has been relocated to outer space. A new element, Florb, has been invented to power a giant spaceship that inhabits the entire human race. When a greedy King Midas finds the element Florb and its gold like goo to his liking, he wishes he could turn everything he touches into Florb. When his wish is granted the King uses his power to the extreme and experiences the negative consequences of greed and puts the fate of all space life in danger. Based on the classic tale of King Midas, now with aliens, zero gravity and the moonwalk. Follow the journey of a King who must learn generosity in order to save his people.



Session III: The Legend of Treasure Island

An Original Musical by Miles Burns

July 24th – August 4th- Performances on Saturday August 5th and Sunday August 6th @ 10am

In pirate times, as legend states, there was a secret island said to have buried within it a bevy of beautiful and bountiful treasure.  For hundreds of years the treasure lay wasted; for no pirate…no, not even one… had been able to find the one thing they would need to discover its location and harvest its fortune: the map!  In fact, no pirate had the wits about them to even think of locating it, that is, until kind-hearted (too kind by pirate standards) Red Beard the Barbecuan got to town.  Thusly named for two reasons: he had a red beard and he loved to barbecue, Red Beard is about to make a discovery that will change the course of pirate history for all time.

Day Camp Tuition: $650/Camper per session (includes PAPA Camp t-shirt!)

$213 deposit due with Registration. The remaining balance is broken up into two payments according to the following schedule:

  • March 31 $225
  • June 1 $225 and all forms due

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February Vacation Camp

February 27th – March 3rd with a Performance on Saturday March 4th at 10am

April Vacation Camp

April 24th – April 28th with a Performance on Saturday April 29th at 10am

Vacation Camp Tuition: $325/Camper per session

Vacation camps are structured just like summer Day Camps but are scheduled during February and April school vacations, so the fun can continue year round. Each one-week session culminates in a fully-staged, mini-theatrical performance, open to the public!


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PAPA Overnight Camp



Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts Camp is the premier co-ed overnight performing arts camp open to youth ages 8 – 16. PAPA Camp provides opportunities for campers to explore and expand their theatrical and artistic potential while offering an exciting array of outdoor camp activities such as swimming, kayaking, hiking, games, crafts and much more at beautiful Pierce Camp Birchmont in Wolfeboro New Hampshire.

We take theatre education seriously. PAPA camp operates under the direct oversight of the Artistic Director of our professional theatre. Our top-notch camp staff are talented educators and performers with a passion for training the next generation of entertainers. Many are veterans of professional theater and Broadway. Many were also PAPA campers themselves, once upon a time.

Our two week fun and intensive camp program builds confidence and independence through performance, and teaches useful skills for theatre and life. Campers will learn to cooperate towards a common goal, learn all aspects of production, and will forge friendships that last forever.

For more information, or for any questions, please contact Director of Youth Programming and Education, Seraphina Caligiure at 603-433-4793 ex. 115, or at


PAPA Camp 2017 Registration is now open!





2017 Camp Dates: August 15th to August 26th.

2017 Tuition: $1,575 plus a $30 registration fee.

$330 non-refundable deposit due with Registration.  The remaining balance is broken up into three equal payments according to the following schedule:

  • April 15
  • May 31
  • July 15 (Please make sure you attach your physical and immunization records).


Discount Policy

In a situation where a camper is eligible for multiple discounts, PAPA Camp will apply the greater of the eligible discounts – only one (1) discount may be applied to the camper’s reservation per session.  (This does not include sibling discount or referral discount)

*Please note that early bird discount cannot be combined with the CIT discount or new camper discount


Referral Program

We are offering a Referral Discount!  If you refer a new camper* and they register, you will BOTH receive a $50 discount.  You can earn up to $150 off tuition!    *Must be a new camper and must be noted at time of registration   *Overnight Camp only

Cancellation and Refund Policy  (All Camps)

Cancellations made 30 days or more before camp start date will result in a refund of any amount paid greater than the non-refundable deposit.

Cancellations made 29 days or less before camp start date will not be refunded.



General Policy

PAPA Camp reserves the right to dismiss any camper whose conduct and/or behavior is determined to be detrimental to Camp. No refunds will be issued in the event of an early dismissal due to misconduct. PAPA Camp operates with the highest possible safety standards. However we cannot assume liability for accidents, illness or disease. In case of accidents or sickness, PAPA Camp is authorized to secure medical attention for the camper as is deemed necessary.  In the case a camper needs to leave camp during camp due to medical issues, the camper will receive a credit on his/her account equal to 50% of the cost of the remaining days of camp to use for the next year.







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“I have been a part of the PAPA program since I was 5 years old, and it’s always been such a special place for me. Participating in day camp, overnight camp, and PAPA mainstage; I have met some of my best friends and learned so much about myself. The Rep creates a wonderful, nurturing environment for kids and adults alike, allowing everyone to learn, grow, and feel accepted. The performer and person I am today reflects my time in the PAPA program. As I head to college in the fall, I am very thankful for the opportunities and love The Rep has given me. ” -Mary Jardine

“PAPA is where I found my love for theatre. Through workshop shows, I’ve gotten better at acting and singing, and learned a lot of fun theatre games. I’ve learned how to improv with confidence! Through PAPA, I’ve taken dance classes which have helped me learn the basics of dance and perfect them, which helps so much! I even got to be the dance captain of a show, which I would have never imagined to be possible. I’ve made so many incredible friends and memories, and I’ve even stage managed and helped choreograph numbers! PAPA is such a home to me and I really really recommend it to anybody who wants to get into theatre, but doesn’t really know how to start. “ -Elizabeth Westbrook