The Seacoast Repertory Theatre Stairs Fund

Very recently, the Rep developed an unexpected and urgent maintenance situation. The staircase our actors, crew, and staff use to get to our backstage area need emergency maintenance, and were shut down.

The stairs aren’t necessary for audiences, but they are necessary to our productions. Those stairs are the only way an actor can change levels without the audience seeing, reducing the number of ways to get to a set from five to three or less and losing us some of the best parts of our space.

We have to get it done as soon as possible. We will be pulling out a few flights of stairs entirely and rebuilding them, all in between the closing of PAPA’s Hunchback of Notre Dame and the opening of In the Heights, a period of 11 days.

Thing is, those stairs are also an exit path for performers, and the fire department has told us when we start the work, we have to finish it before we have performers in again, which means once we start we can’t do a show until it’s done. We cannot afford to close any of our productions, and with the help of experts, we have hired a company who can rebuild them in the short time frame we have provided them.

We have 11 days to do it in between two productions. It’s a quick turnaround. Let’s get it done.

Our portion of the cost of this project is $70,000. We currently have $32,500 pledged leaving us with $37,500 to raise very quickly. By March 10th, in fact. We’ve been in worse spots, but it’s still a little daunting. We’re pulling out all the stops and moving up our fundraising to accommodate this unexpected cost.

The good news is that every dollar we spend on this reduces the purchase price of our space. Thanks to a generous agreement with the Bow Street Theatre Trust, every dollar we spend on improvements reduces the price of buying the space by the same amount. By doing this, we secure our future.

We’re in the process of securing some matching donations, but in the meantime we can still use all the help we can. It is on the early side for fundraising, but if you were planning on giving this year, or you have a little left over from your tax return, now is a great time to give. Donations here can be applied towards a membership. Just shoot an email to after you donate to confirm your donation and we’ll make sure you get all your perks.

If you can donate, click the link below. All donations through the link will be earmarked for the project.