Auditions are open for Portsmouth The Musical!



An audition for a musical about Portsmouth that hasn’t been written yet, and will be workshopped live in front of an audience through improvisation.

Part improv show, part writers room, part experiment. An audience will watch a musical get written before their eyes, piece by piece. A vague idea becomes an outline becomes a scene becomes a song becomes a whole musical, or something like that.

Improv experience is great. Musical theater experience is also great but not required. You can come with a song to sing if you want, but you will definitely be improvising with different auditioners.


AUDITIONS: Wednesday, May 30th, 6-10pm

Auditions begin at 6pm. Come in comfortable clothing. To sign up to audition, please email

Rehearsals not in front of an audience are Sundays in September and October. Performances/rehearsals in front of an audience are on the following dates in 2018.
Sunday October 21st at 7pm
Saturday November 17 at 4pm
Sunday December 2 at 7pm

We will continue once a month in 2019 but cannot give dates quite yet as they will have to be filled in around our season.

Performers split 100% of the door.

We are casting for the following roles as well as an ensemble/improviser pit to play anything.





Justin – Ashley’s Boyfriend. Works as a line cook in a local restaurant. He is an aspiring musician who wants to create honest music in a post grunge singer/songwriter esque trio.

Ashley – Justin’s girlfriend. Works as a waitress and is going to UNH as a communications major, though she secretly dreams of opening a animal rescue for animals.

Tabatha – Justin’s roommate. She is a “Mixologist par Excellence.” She makes his own bitters.

Ed and Edna/Al and Alice – Landlords, a middle aged couple, Ed/Al played by a woman, Edna/Alice played by a man – old and new landlords respectively who are going to completely renovate the old building and turn it into luxury condos.

Val – Justin’s other roommate. This a non-speaking role as he is a ‘quiet guy’ unless he’s singing.

Schuyler and Siobhan – Band members, a couple about to break up.

Eileen McKiljoy – on the town council and wants to close down the festival.

Rebecca Proulx (pronounced Prulx) – An impartial town councilor.

Police Chief – A police chief.

Concerned Citizens – Bored citizens.

Ensemble/Improviser pit.