Buy a Personalized Stair for $250 – SOLD OUT! 

We have 28 brand-new, wonderfully functional, safe, concrete & steel, stairs for sale to personalize. The public will most likely never see these stairs, but the Seacoast Rep staff, designers, crew, musicians, and actors use them all day long, every day. Have something specific you’d like to say to one of them? We’ll paint your message on a stair for them to see every day. Want to just have your logo planted subconsciously in the back of their minds? We’ll hand paint your logo.

Personalized stairs will be painted by our Season Reveal Concert & Celebration in October. A purchase of a personalized stair comes with two tickets to our VIP Season Reveal Concert & Celebration on Friday, October 12th. You will also receive a tour of our stairs and our backstage area.

Messages must be appropriate for children to see, since our PAPA students also share these stairs. 

Boring (but safe) stairs before your message

Colorful, fun, and safe stairs after your message!

Purchase a stair for $250. Purchase comes with:

  • A personalized stair (we will get in touch with you in the fall to get your colors & message
  • Two tickets to our VIP Season Reveal Concert & Celebration on Friday October 12th & a tour of backstage